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    Letters from a senior
    For 18 years you have been there.  You have supported me at my sporting, theater and school events.  Through it all, I
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    Photography- March 2020
    A photo taken in Oak Harbor, Washington at Deception Pass State Park. The beach is on the Pacific Ocean. On a piece of d
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    Shawano Schools heard loud and proud
    Recently, two schools in the Shawano School District, Olga Brener and Shawano Middle School, have changed the way studen
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    FFA showcased at SCHS
    Students who are a part of FFA at Shawano Community High School have held an FFA Week for as long as the club has existe
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    Getting jazzy in Louisville
    On Thursday, Feb. 20, Shawano Community High School sent both of their Jazz I and Jazz II bands to Louisville, Kentucky.
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    SCHS clubs stay in their lanes
    Shawano Community High School’s own Spanish and French clubs took on a friendly competitive bowling expedition. Th



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