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The man, the myth, the legend – Mr. Stomberg

Who is Mr. Steve Stomberg? Most people have no idea who the legend himself is. Mr. Stomberg was born in the small town of Blackduck, Minnesota. He teaches a wide variety of classes such as Forestry, Wildlife Conservation, Aquaculture and more.

Mr. Stomberg is a big part of the SCHS FFA (Future Farmers of America) club. He leads his students on trips, such as Washington, D.C. this past summer.

To many people, Mr. Stomberg seems like a very intimidating guy. However, once you get to know him, he is very nice. Mr. Stomberg cares for each and every one of his students and treats everyone with the utmost respect.

Mr. Stomberg is a great role model to his students, stopping at nothing to help them. “Any student that is willing to work, I’m willing to work with them,” Mr, Stomberg said, “but I’ll only help the students that will work, if you don’t want to show any effort, then forget it.”

It’s easy to tell that Mr.Stomberg is a fair man. One of his former students, Junior Alex Dekeyser, had nothing but good things to say about him.

“Mr. Stomberg was very smart, he seemed like he knew exactly what he was talking about,” Dekeyser said. “He was very respectable. I’d recommend taking at least one of his classes.”

This alone shows that he is very kind and willing to work with all students as long as they talk to him and show they want help.

Junior Sam Tourtillott, said, “Yeah, I liked Mr. Stomberg very much. He was very approachable and easy to talk to. He also helped me when I was struggling. All I had to do was go explain what was happening and he worked with me so I wouldn’t get a bad grade.”

“He’s a very good guy,” both Tourtillott and Dekeyser agreed.

One of his closest colleagues had nothing but good things to say about him. Mrs. Melissa Braun, a fellow FFA adviser and coworker, works in the same wing of SCHS as him, so she knows Mr. Stomberg pretty well.

She has worked with him for about seven years, but has known him for 25 years as he was her agricultural science teacher back in the day.

“I really like how good of a teacher he is. He not only teaches what needs to be taught, but he also integrates life lessons into them,” Braun said.

That is very useful, especially when teaching high school students. When asked what her favorite quality about him was, “He is not just smart, but funny too,” stated Braun. “He knows when to be serious, but also when people need a little joke or two to be cheered up.”

Mr. Stomberg knows when to be serious, but he’s not afraid to have fun too, which is very helpful when teaching teenagers.

It’s very easy to see Mr. Stomberg is good teacher full of great qualities. People should not be afraid to take his classes and get to know him.