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Hawk Talk with Lydia: Issue No. 1

Dear Lydia,

I feel terrible. So many things have happened lately that just make me sick to my stomach. Between the hurricanes that have swept peopleś lives away and the shootings that have happened in the last couple years, it just leaves me with no hope. How can there be hope when there are horrible natural disasters in this world and there is not much we can do to protect ourselves from them? It does not help that we never know when Mother Nature is going to bless our planet with these storms either! Also, how can we have any hope in humanity when there are people that can take so many lives away in just a matter of minutes. They just fire and leave families shattered. It leaves such a sour taste on my tongue; I just can not see a way out of this hole that our world is in. Wars, protests, fights, storms, shootings, how can there be any hope left?

Out of hope,



Dear Olivia,

Hope. What even is hope? The dictionary definition of hope is, ¨a feeling of expectation and desire for a certain thing to happen.” But what ¨certain thing” are we waiting for? For people to stop raising children that might end up shooting 50 people one day? For hurricanes and tornadoes to disappear? For people to stop standing up for what they believe in? I am sorry to tell you this Olivia, but there really is not a way for anyone to stop any of these things. A mother does not raise her child to become a killer, we can not just come up with a recipe to rid ourselves of natural disasters, and protests and wars are going to continue because we can not stop people from believing in themselves. I mean that is what most wars are about. Those people have hope in their cause, that is what they are fighting for. We can not just tell them to throw all of their efforts away. So, where can you get hope from? Olivia, I want you to look up all of the people that helped clean up after those nasty hurricanes that recently blew through or look up the heroes of the Las Vegas shootings. Those are the people that give us hope. We may not be able to control what Mother Nature or what certain people do, but we can control what we do. Olivia, our hope comes from the good that can shine through all of this bad. Always look for it, or be the hope, I know that you can.

¨Only in the darkness can you see the stars.” – Martin Luther King Jr.

Lots of love,