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Future athletes of SCHS

Fall sports are wrapping up their 2017 seasons here in Shawano. The athletes at Shawano Community Middle School are disappointed that their activities will be coming to a close soon but look forward to their next season.

SCMS offers a variety of fall sports for the middle school students: volleyball and football for seventh and eighth graders; cross country for sixth, seventh and eighth graders; as well as cheer for all grades which began in late September. Also, a co-ed soccer team was created for all grades this year.

Football had their last game on October 10. The seventh grade team had a phenomenal season, as they went undefeated with a record of five wins and zero losses.

Their hardest game was said to be against Clintonville. Each team was giving it their all, but Shawano gained momentum and took the win toward the end of the game.

Seventh grader Holden Edwards had a really exciting time during his first football season. Edwards favorite part of the season was competing at games; he expressed that he wished there were more games and how time went too fast.

Another sport that had an thrilling season was volleyball. Seventh grader Megan Dillenburg loves taking part in the sport. She is a setter, but her favorite thing to do is spike the ball.

The team did not have the best record this year, but they enjoyed their time together. Dillenburg is determined to continue her volleyball career in eighth grade and in high school.

Something that really keeps that fire burning for Dillenburg is going to watch the high school varsity team. She really admires the older athletes and aspires to be a part of the talented team someday.

Cheer has also begun its 2017 season. This year the team will be cheering at basketball games, and sixth grader Mariah Krolow, who is new to the sport, is ecstatic to begin her first year.

Krolow explained that the group is currently trying to perfect all of their cheers and half-time routine. Their first competition will be on October 31.

A practice for the cheer team is stretching, then tumbling, which Krolow defined as ¨pretty much just rolling around.¨ After that, the team does pyramids and practices their cheers.

Krolow hopes to continue cheering throughout middle school and high school because she really enjoys it so far. She gets to learn new things and she is making new friends along the way.

As fall is ending, winter sports are beginning to prepare for their upcoming season. Many students are excited for their new start this year. Seventh grader Brayden Koenig and sixth grader Emma Raber-Yao are ready to get basketball season rolling.

Koenig is a point guard who has a strong appreciation for the game. He said that playing basketball is like a family tradition for his father´s side of the family, and that he can not think of anything that he dislikes about basketball.

Raber-Yao started participating in HOOPS, the youth girls basketball program, in fifth grade and can not wait to kickoff her second year. She loves developing new skills and she is ready start shooting hoops.

All of the student athletes at SCMS are anxious to continue their careers in multiple sports in the future. They really look up to the older players and it is easy to say that these students are the future athletes of Shawano High.

The seventh grade football team punting after a touchdown.