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Offseason grinds

When one sport ends, another one is right around the corner in high school. During the time in between, students have a couple weeks to rest depending on playoffs. However, some students do not take the break and keep working for their next season.

Those that choose to keep working continue to lift, workout and stay on their own diet. The coaches also help in the offseason, whether that is hosting open gym or working with them in the weightroom.

Basketball is a really big winter sport here at Shawano. David Ambrosius, head coach of the Hawks, walks on both sides of the rope. He is in favor of the short break, but is also a firm believer in offseason work.

“We give any fall athlete about seven to ten days off so they can rest and refresh themselves,       mentally and physically,” said Ambrosius, “but we’ll have open gym for those who want to come in, refresh their skills and get ready for the season.”

All athletes work in the weight room during the offseasons. Most coaches want their players to work out up there at least two to three days a week.

Junior Steven Hoffman works in the offseason a lot. Hoffman has been playing basketball for three years now. He lifts and goes to open gym regularly.

“I’m lifting after school three days out of the week, depending on if I have homework or not,” said Hoffman. “At open gyms, I’ve been doing shooting drills, working on my ball handling and getting up and down to work on my endurance.”

Hoffman works hard in the offseason, but he is one of the players that took a week off after football. With that week off, Hoffman came back with a great work ethic and an even better attitude.

“I think my hardwork will pay off,” explained Hoffman. “I think I’ll be a varsity contributor this season.”

That shows his level of confidence and all the hard work he has put in.

Another student that has been working hard in the off season is senior Cole Nelson. He has been playing basketball since he was in second grade. This year will be his third year on varsity and second year as starting point guard.

Nelson has put in more work for basketball because he had not played a fall sport. All summer and fall, he was lifting, going to open gym and doing drills to get ready for his final season, which he hopes is a good one.

“I have  been working a lot in the offseason, lifting, doing workouts and not just shooting during open gyms,” said Nelson. “I am really excited to see how this season turns out. We have had lots of growth and lots of returning players from last year’s team, so it should be a good year.”

There is a lot of hard work being done in the offseason by both coaches and players, and it is clear to see the dedication put in. All this hard work proves that there are no breaks and there is no off season, which hopefully leads to a successful year.