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Praising Shawano High’s athletic achievements

Varsity athletes were honored on Tuesday, November 7 at the annual Fall Athletic Banquet. Hosted by the Shawano Booster Club, athletes and their families were invited to celebrate accomplishments from the 2017 fall sports seasons.

The banquet began with a short invocation led by Shawano High Activities Director, Mrs. Charmaine Schreiber. After a brief meal was served, Coach Dean Kugler led the speeches by starting with the girls golf team.

Speeches were given by coaches from each sport that was represented at the banquet. Coaches also took that time to present special awards to their players. These special awards ranged from MVP to Rookie of the Year and included Bay Conference First Team All-Conference, Bay Conference Second Team All-Conference and Bay Conference Honorable Mention.

Moorman alongside the other Cheer award winners

Senior Bailey Moorman recently attended her sixth athletic banquet and received the Spirit of the Hawk award presented by the Cheer team.

“These banquets are important because when people are successful and do well in their sport, they should be recognized just like people are honored for academics. Also, it’s another way to reunite the team and say one last thing about the season,” Moorman explained.

The dedication and commitment that varsity athletes devote to their respective sports can often be underrated, but these banquets serve as an attempt to show appreciation for these selected high schoolers’ additional efforts.

“They are important to give the players of each sport the recognition they deserve for the countless hours they put into that season and to highlight the successes they may have received individually or as a team,” shared senior Seth Sousek.

While the length of previous banquets made it difficult to focus on what the coaches’ messages were, this year was kept brief.

Senior Levi Johnson said, “I loved hearing all of the coaches speeches. Hearing them talk really shows their level of dedication to creating a positive and successful year for their athletes.”

Each athlete, coach, parent and supporter extracts unique value from these banquets; from the food to the camaraderie to reminiscing, these all blend together to create a remarkable evening. Moorman shared, “It’s always nice to be reunited with the team after the season has ended. Eating together is just filled with a bunch of laughs and good food. It’s my favorite part about the banquet.”

Many attendees described the attendance at this year’s fall banquet as insane, packed and even astounding. Added tables and chairs were brought into the Gathering in order to accommodate all guests, making aisles cramped and strangers come together.

“It was really loud and really crowded. The way the tables were set up made it hard to turn our bodies to watch who was up front speaking. People were always in the way,and it was just way too crowded, so people were either talking or just unable to give their attention to who was in the front giving a speech,” explained Moorman.

Despite the huddled circumstances that the banquet presented, the consistent goal that the leaders of athletics have was achieved: to honor the undertaking that exceptional young adults take when devoting their time and efforts to a varsity sports team.