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Book Review: Nemesis

The book Nemesis by Brendan Reichs is a mystery. The main character, Min, has been having “dreams” or “delusions” about being killed on her birthday every other year. Min gets killed by the same man every time while he apologizes in the same tone and wears the same clothes and sunglasses. She wakes up after this “dream” in the same field behind her trailer every time that the killings happen.

This has been happening ever since Min was little, after the school forced Min and another student, Noah, to go to a laboratory outside of the small town they grew up in. At this laboratory, Noah and Min had their blood taken and had multiple tests done on them, but seemingly forgot everything that happened after that.

The next day they woke up in their beds, safe and sound, and the only difference was the reoccurring dreams that happened every other year on their shared birthday. Nemesis is a mystery that involves the importance of social lives, labels as humans and more.

I would give this book a three out of five stars. If you are interested in books that are constantly twisting you in different directions, this book gives different viewpoints on types of governments and life changing events that affect everybody.