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Pinning wins this season

Another great sport is here as winter approaches. With many wrestlers returning from last year, the Hawks look like a tough team.

This season, one returning wrestler for the Hawks is sophomore Ben Carroll, who has the most experience on the team and is in his eleventh year of wrestling. Carroll wrestles in the 138 pound weight class.

“I really like wrestling,” stated Carroll. “It is the hardest sport with the biggest reward. It is only you on the mat, and it’s up to you to win the match.”

Carroll loves the challenge of wrestling. It is not a team sport, it is one person against their opponent. It tests people’s strength, endurance and toughness, both physically and mentally.

However, Carroll is still a great teammate, on and off the mat. He continuosly pushes himself and his teammates. He works his best to get himself and the team ready for the next match.

Carroll hopes to go far this season. He has put in many steps in the offseason to get to the varsity spot. He has been lifting to build strength, was in cross country to help build up his endurance, participated in open mat after school and has done many more steps in order to get prepared for this season.

“This year my goal is state,” said Carroll, “but I have the number one ranked wrestler in my class so it will be pretty difficult.”

Carroll will have a very difficult road to state this season, but hopefully his hardwork and dedication pays off.

Another returning wrestler for the Hawks is junior Hunter Calkins.  Calkins does not have as much  experience in wrestling, as this is only his second year. He is in the 195 pound weight class.

“Wrestling is really fun to me,” said Calkins. “I really like the intensity and challenge aspect of it and the mental toughness part of it too.”

Calkins likes to get physical and work hard. Calkins is really good at wrestling because he works hard and grinds things out, and he does not shy away from a challenge.

Calkins is also a very good teammate. He is a very hard worker, but also likes to have fun and pushes everyone to work hard and do their best at everything they do.

Calkins worked very hard in the off-season as well. He played football and lifted to get more powerful, worked out and did a lot of running for this season in hopes that it will pay off.

Even though it is his second year wrestling, Calkins hopes to make it far this year.

“This year I hope to make it to at least sectionals,” said Calkins. “I have many challenges this season, but I’m going to take every loss and use it as motivation as I continue on.”

Calkins is very eager to face his next opponent and looks forward to gaining new knowledge in his craft.

As for the rest of the team, they all have one goal:  improve and make it to state. This Hawks wrestling team looks very tough and experienced. Hopefully they have fun during winning season.

Junior wrestler Hunter Calkins