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SCHS glides into 2017 swim season

The Shawano High School Boy’s Swim Team started their season on November 13. As winter approaches, they are preparing for swim meets and practicing hard to achieve goals they have set for the new year.

The boys will be swimming against many teams during the school year. A couple of the rival teams include Lakeland, Antigo and Rhinelander.  

The team has not had a phenomenal record so far this year, as they lost a few of their strong swimmers who graduated in May of 2017, but they have been having fun and the new swimmers are not letting anyone down.

Senior Connor Angeli explained that a couple of the events have become a little weaker due to losing some great swimmers, but the team is continuing to have a wonderful time.

Junior Bryce Stomberg stated that the freshman have been doing well so far this year.

¨The freshmen have been very good due to the majority of them being in Swim Club prior to the season.¨

The boys also prepared for their 2017-2018 season by practicing both before and after school during the early part of the season. The swimmers do not mind the early mornings, as it allows the boys to bond as a team.

The swimmers perform a variety of drills at practice to prepare themselves for meets. One drill that stands above the rest is called the called ¨zig-zags.¨

¨There are six lanes, and we start down on one end doing butterfly, freestyle back, then backstroke, freestyle, breaststroke, freestyle, and then repeat it four times,¨ explained Stomberg.

There are multiple events that the swimmers can compete in, ranging from a 100 meter freestyle, to a medley relay. The relay is one of Angeli’s favorite events, and he has made goals for himself when competing.

“The medley relay is when each person swims 50 yards of a different stroke. I’m hoping to be a part of it and make it to state,” stated Angeli.

Swim is an exciting sport and the whole team loves being together. Their goals are pushing them to work harder in everything that they do for swim, bringing the swimmers even closer.

Stomberg swam in Shawano’s Swim Club as seven year old until he was 11, then joined again as a freshman because he regretted not continuing his swim career.

“Swim is a challenging sport, and I was in club as a kid, so I really wanted to begin swimming again as a freshman,” said Stomberg.

The many aspects of swim keep the athletes involved very entertained. In between long bus rides, exciting swim meets, extensive practices and team bonding activities, the swimmers get to know each other and that makes their season so much more enjoyable.  

“I’m going to miss the rides to and from the away meets that are always really fun. I’m going to miss talking with all my teammates a lot!” Angeli exclaimed.  

Swim is in the middle of another season. They have goals that they would love to achieve during this school year, and the seniors are enjoying their last year in the water.

Stomberg competing in one of his events at a swim meet.