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Cheering for a good season

Cheerleading is one of the most energetic sports out there and great entertainment. It is not only fun for the people in it, but fun for the crowd too. Plus, this season looks as promising as it does fun.

The cheerleader’s job is to keep the crowd and fans interested and energetic during the game. This year, the cheer team is doing just that. This year’s cheer team is looking very good.

With ten returning from previous seasons or from the football season, the team is being led with great experience. One experienced cheerleader, senior Sadie Cummings is having fun teaching the new cheerleaders. This is Cummings’ second consecutive season and fourth year of cheerleading.

Cummings is one of the oldest at cheer so her knowledge is very helpful. She is in one stunt group, where they build shapes and show off many skills, which she enjoys very much.  Cummings also likes the whole sport of cheer and the fun that comes along with it.

“I really like cheer,” said Cummings. “Games are really fun, especially when the crowd participates and cheers along with you or calls the cheers back to us.”

It is always good when the team can get the crowds crazy and cheering with them. It makes the performers feel confident about what they are doing.

Another thing that makes them feel good is when the crowd cheers when they have just showed off new cheer. All their time, effort and hard work has been put into those cheers, which is not always easy. A lot of time and practice goes into those cheers, and they must be perfect when they perform them.

“I’d say the biggest challenge is when the coaches want us to learn a new cheer,” said Cummings, “It takes us a while to get it perfect because everyone wants to hit it once and be done.”

As it is clear to see, so much time and effort comes into the halftime performance. The cheer has to be perfect and run smoothly otherwise they are not able to do it. Many, many practices go into the cheer to ensure everybody has it mastered.

Cheer is not an easy task, but it certainly is a fun one. It takes a lot of hard work, dedication, time and preparation, but the fun that is had makes it pay off. One student that has accepted this challenge is senior Hunter Waupoose.

This is Waupoose’s very first season being in cheer, but he already regrets not doing it sooner. He was not planning on joining, but one of his good friends convinced him to try it, and now he is having the time of his life. Waupoose will agree that cheer is not as easy as they make it look.

“The hardest part of cheer is always needing to be perfect,” explained Waupoose. “If it’s not perfect or just one thing goes wrong, the whole stunt falls apart, and that doesn’t look good.”

Whether it is standing in the right spot, saying the right chant or holding a person the right way, cheer needs to be perfect to be successful. The hard work is all worth it after the performance and seeing the crowd get into it.

“Nerve-wracking,” said Waupoose describing his first halftime performance.

Cheer is tough but also fun. It is a great way to meet new friends. It pushes students to work harder than they normally would, which shows great effort. When competition season comes up, that is when all the tough and long practices pay off.

Senior cheer member Hunter Waupoose