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December DIY: Christmas decorating

Warmth within the fringes of winter

It’s around the holiday season when people tend to show off their skills with decorating. With this article, here are a few ideas you could do to help spice up that tree, bringing a sense of coziness and intrigue to the authentic or plastic pine.

First off, here is a cheap and relatively easy thing to do. Outside, as the pine trees let loose a flurry of needles and cones, all you need to do is gather as many pine cones and spray paint them white. By doing this, you give them a very cheery feeling about winter.

Another thing you could do is get a bundle of glass spherical ornaments. You can do many things with them, such as painting your hand and pressing it against the orb, making artistic designs of symmetrical figures or lines, or just Google some kanji and form a japanese kind of aesthetic feel.

But in the end, Christmas isn’t just about decorations or who has the most creativity, it is about camaraderie, companionship, family, and a nice dose of hot chocolate.

Happy holidays!