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NWTC students “work out” their knowledge for muscle quiz

The NWTC Anatomy and Physiology classes went on a field trip to NWTC in Green Bay on Thursday, December 14. The class has been learning about muscles, the structure and the different types of functions for a few weeks and were tested on that knowledge during this trip.

The students explored the human cadaver as they took a quiz on labeling muscles and their functions. They left at 7:45 in the morning and got back to the school around 12:30 in the afternoon.

Senior Nicole Thornock attended the trip and enjoyed the experience. It is not everyday where students are allowed to have a hands on activity such as this one.

“My favorite part was just seeing the cadaver for the first time. The weirdest thing was how shriveled up and thin the muscles looked. It’s different than the plastic models we learn the muscles on. It’s like a grape is the model, and a raisin is the cadaver,” Thornock shared.

Another interesting thing about the cadaver was the smell. The bodies are stored in an alcohol based solution called formaldehyde which gives off a gross odor.

“The worst part about this trip was the smell, and the body didn’t have skin so it was all very weird,” senior Selena Bergner commented.

After the test was done, the class went out to eat lunch in Green Bay before starting their journey back to Shawano. The group divided up and had the option of going to one of four places: Gallagher’s Pizza, Subway, McDonald’s or Hardee’s.

Selena Bergner, Nicole Thornock, Lydia Colon and Niki Hoefs line up along the NWTC staircase.


“Gallagher’s Pizza was also a favorite part of this trip since I’ve never been there, and it was nice to go out to eat after the test,” Bergner shared.

In order to keep up with the college class, it takes a lot of studying. Many students spend hours studying during the week and a lot of the time those hours are amplified when there is a test.

NWTC Anatomy and Physiology has a test at the end of the year that covers everything the students learned that entire year. The students have to memorize things from the beginning of the year and continuously study for all of the things they learned during the first semester.

“A good amount of my time is spent studying for this class. Typically as much time as I can study for it, I’ll do it. It’s one of my only classes that I actually need to study for,” senior Brittney Angeli stated.

During this muscle unit, the students have had their favorite muscles to learn and point out. Thornock chose the tensor fascia latae muscle, Bergner chose the gastrocnemius muscle, and Angeli chose the sternocleidomastoid muscle.

Not only are the muscles hard to say, they are also difficult to spell which is a key factor in the testing. Everything has to be spelled right and answered correctly otherwise it will be marked wrong.

Overall, the cadaver lab trip was a good hands on experience for the students and caused everybody to get a better look at what the muscles actually look like.

“It wasn’t as bad as I thought it was going to be. I was nervous about it because the cadaver is a dead body, and I wasn’t sure how I was going to react to the body or the smell but once we got there I was fine,” Thornock expressed.