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Book Review: In Some Other Life

In the novel In Some Other Life by Jessica Brody, Kennedy Rhodes watches her life crumble right in front of her as she dreams of the life she should have chosen.

In 8th grade, Kennedy got an acceptance letter to the private school, Windsor Academy, where she had dreamed of going all her life. Instead of choosing the school, she hid away her acceptance letter and told everyone that she did not make it in, choosing to stay near her dream boyfriend.

Now, in her senior year of high school, Kennedy finds out her boyfriend, Austin, and her best friend, Laney, have been going behind her back to have a secret “relationship” with each other.

After ruining her Columbia University interview and finding out about her best friend and boyfriend, she ends up walking up the steps of the Windsor Academy. On her way out, Kennedy falls down the stairs and hits her head on the pavement, at the same exact time her parallel universe self fell down the same stairs.

Kennedy falls into the world she  thought she always wanted: being a senior in high school at the Windsor Academy, being best friends with the most popular girl in school and being the number one rank of her student class. That is, until suddenly she finds out the world she thought she wanted, is exactly the world she was trying to avoid.

Her life spins around as she realizes all of her mistakes, and she soon misses what her life used to be.

From finding a new love in a new world, to friendship and heartaches, In Some Other Life shows a multitude of emotions displayed through an average teenage girl who wanted something more. I would give this book 4 out of 5 stars.