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Callin’ it quits

As the the first semester of the 2017-2018 school year rolls to an end, it is time to plan for the future. Five other students and I plan to graduate early. Our days in high school will be done at semester, and we get to start the next chapter of our lives.

Senior Shauna Chladek has been ready to graduate early since her junior year. She has enjoyed her experiences in Shawano High and has learned many and life lessons at school.

Chladek plans to work right out of high school and take some tech classes in the future. She plans to go into the early education field.

Chladek enjoyed going to school dances, meeting new people and learning new things.

Chladek said, “If I could restart high school I would have a different mindset. I would become more involved in more things around school.”

Chladek plans to stay in contact with her friends as she reaches the end of her journey at


Senior Brynn Huntington is very excited to be done with high school. Her plan is to graduate early so that she can work and make money to help pay for college.

Huntington plans to take some tech classes to get started but eventually transfer to a university. She plans to pursue a career as a large animal vet. Her potential job requires schooling, and she plans to take around seven to eight years of school.

Huntington is very involved in FFA. FFA has taught her many life skills that will help when pursuing her career. She got to experience going to state with the Vet Science Judging Team.

One thing Huntington said she would do different if she could restart high school over again would be to reduce the drama passed around.

Six kids plans to graduate high school early at SCHS. For the most part, it seems the students all plan to continue their daily jobs until they attend tech school or college. I plan to to stay working while I am in my schooling process.

I am graduating early to get a jump start to my schooling. I currently am studying a CDL book in attempt to get a class A CDL needed for driving heavy machinery. I am also interested in NWTC or FVTC.

My plan is to get my CDL and try to get into the Shawano County Shop. I have always wanted to drive heavy machinery and work outside.

I wanted to graduate early since my freshman year. I have taken lessons away from high school but I am ready to move on.

Graduating early can have some benefits to getting an early start on tech school or college. In my case, my school to work program covers the charge to any tech school course.

When your time comes around, possibly consider the options for graduation. It may fit your schedule to end your senior year early and help you get a jump on your future career.

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