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Eighth graders visit their futures

A new assortment of teenagers will soon be joining Shawano High. Current eighth graders at Shawano Community Middle School, Saint James and Sacred Heart toured SCHS on Friday, January 5.

These soon-to-be freshmen were given a small presentation led by school counselor, Mr. Brian Bloesl, as well as current high school students. Members of various clubs at SCHS represented the activities that students can get involved in by speaking to the students

Club members gave quick summaries of the clubs at SCHS

about what events and interests these clubs include.

After the presentations, the tour groups, each led by four high schoolers, departed for their tour around SCHS. The students observed the majority of the departments at SCHS and were also given quick overviews of the classes they will soon be able to take.

Mr. Bloesl shared, “The students get a glimpse of where things are in the high school and also what high school is all about.”

The student tour guides volunteer their time to show the eighth graders around, yet they enjoy the day as well.

“I like showing the kids around and showing them what high school could be like for them,” said senior Jenifer Peralta. “I think the tours help kids not get lost. I got lost on my first day, and I have not forgotten it.”

Junior Rosa Oviedo said, “My favorite part about giving the tours is showing the eighth graders around so they aren’t as scared when they come on their first day.”

Mr. Bloesl and Mrs. Rebecca Jacoby, the guidance counselor at SCMS, work together to coordinate not only the tours that took place on the January 5, but also Eighth Grade Orientation, which was hosted three days later in the SCHS auditorium. The Monday night orientation touched on graduation requirements, scheduling, dress code, and disciplinary actions.

A main reason behind showing the eighth graders around before their first day of school is to eliminate many of their fears. While some students are fearless to begin high school, others are apprehensive to the environment they will be in come next fall. Current high schoolers and school counselors shared tips and experiences to give the eighth graders a glimpse of the reality of high school.

“I’m not scared for high school, but I think the classes will be way harder than middle school,” said eighth grader Braedyn Kowalkowski.

Oviedo expressed that despite the expectations that are introduced to the eighth graders by adults, many of the students do not fully understand that they will have to work hard to keep up with the workload change that will greet them in high school.

“I feel like eighth graders don’t expect the high expectations of high school,” said Oviedo. “I feel like a lot of them don’t have an accurate image of what high school is like so they need someone who has been through that to explain to them that going to your classes and doing your homework is actually really important.”

These tours allowed eighth graders to catch a glimpse of four years of changes, discovery, knowledge and fun that will one day transpire into memories.