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Finally taking credits

Recently Math IV had the option to be taken for five college credits second semester. In the spring semester about 30 students will be participating in this.

Mr. John Myers has always thought about getting Math IV the opportunity to be taken for college credits. He was torn between Math IV being taken for college credits because with every decision, there are good and bad reasons.

Mr. Myers said, “The reason against it, is it’s good for kids to learn math in high school and then learn it again in college.”

The reason he finally decided to make this move to college credits is because he discovered the students do not take the class in high school. The best solution was to make Math IV worth credits giving the seniors the option for UW and NWTC school credits.

The students had to take a placement test and get a score of at least 466 in the precalculus section.

There are certain criteria the students have to meet to be able to use this opportunity. They have to have a certain ACT math score, and their GPA has to be high to be able to do this.

The teaching style of the class may change depending on what UW-Oshkosh recommends. The tests may be different than the tests were in first semester, but overall, not much will change.

Senior Racheal Hutchraft said, “It will be the same. You just get stuff like credits and you have to pay to take the class.”

Currently the only math class seniors at SCHS can take for college credit is NWTC Math. This is very beneficial for students going to NWTC but not for ones who are planning on going to UW schools.

Senior Kaitlin Pescinski, who is planning on taking Math IV for a college credit said, “I think that it is good that another math class is getting offered for credits especially one that is open for any senior to take. Also, that it is with a college that will transfer to any other UW school.”

Taking this class can be very beneficial for students. It will be similar to taking a college class, but the students will receive more support in high school than they will in college from teachers because they can go and ask for help.

Pescinski said, “It is very beneficial for students looking to go into college and gain credits in a more familiar setting with friends and peers to work with.”

Math IV in the future will be for college credits. The only thing that will be different is the students will sign up in the fall instead of in the spring.

Hutchcraft said, “I would recommend students who are going to UW schools to take this class, but students who are going to tech schools to take NWTC Math.”

Overall, the students are happy with the change in their math class.

Hutchraft said, “This change will make college a little bit less stressful.”