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Fresh perspective for the youth

New to the district, Mr. Joshua Pyne and Mr. Nick Hericks, took the position of mentors at Shawano Community High School, for science and history, respectively. Armed with immense knowledge within their specific subjects and a majestic beard for each, the two latest additions have given an inspiring insight into becoming the newest teachers at SCHS.

Coming straight from Afghanistan as a soldier from the frontline, Mr. Pyne has taken the initiative to becoming the latest addition to the science team. When asked why he chose to teach that subject, he replied, “I like science, it’s very hands on,” naming off several reasons as to why science is such a significant and fascinating subject to dedicate one’s time into understanding.

Mr. Pyne also mentioned, “The students in my classes get along well.”

He went on to mention how regardless of grade or social groups, the students in his classes got along very well, giving one another a helping hand if any of them began to falter in their works.

Teaching aside, Mr. Pyne also has a plethora of stories he has done in the past which usher a new light to him. As previously mentioned, Mr. Pyne was originally in the army, deployed to Afghanistan under the intense desert heat that spanned across the entire country. His task throughout the duration he was in service was to help the general populace and make the country a better place to live once again.

Mr. Pyne also talked about the distinct differences between Shawano and Milwaukee, the place where he has ties to, saying the grand city was nice but rather full of problems when compared to the relatively peaceful community of Shawano. One of his reasons as to why he decided to settle for Shawano was the sole fact that, “The area is nice.”

Teaching another important subject, Mr. Hericks is the latest addition into the history pod. 

When asked what his thoughts were about dealing with students on a daily basis, he commented “That’s the most enjoyable part of my job.” Mr. Hericks also accompanied that statement with, “I just love U.S. history.”

Just those two statements alone show that even a job can be something enjoyable. As quoted many times, Mr. Hericks remarked, “Find a job you like, you’ll never work a day in your life.”

One of the biggest reasons why Mr. Hericks chose to work at SCHS was so that he could live closer to the city. Another huge reason was to be closer to his kids, who also attend the school.

One unique thing that Mr. Pyne said was, “I grew a mullet for my senior pictures.” Describing the majestic style in detail. He went on to say how he got it only to help a fellow peer during a demonstration. He later decided he liked it and kept the unique style alive.

One fascinating thing that Mr. Hericks said was, “I have dressed up as Jeffrey the giraffe at Toys R Us.” He went on to talk about how confining it was and how it was fairly unpleasant to wear. Some more things referenced were the kids he had to deal with who would physically attack him.

One thing from each teacher about advice for students is, “Go get some secondary education.” Mr. Pyne said, “It’ll give you more opportunities in life.”

Mr. Hericks stated, “Take advantage of the opportunities here at school before you move on.”

Both encourage success in terms of education, claiming ‘education is power’ and that by obtaining more knowledge, more paths open for the future.