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Dancing through the season

Winter Wonderland is a time where people can break out their inner princess or prince and be who they want to be. The week before Winter Wonderland is filled with games and plenty of fun. SCHS plays lunch games, has different dress up days, throws a pep assembly the day before the dance, and finally following the fun of the week comes the dance.

The dress up days for the week were pajama day, mismatch/wacky tacky day, destination day (freshman had Outer Space, sophomores had Alaska, juniors had Texas, and the seniors had Hawaii.), and Friday’s dress up day was a color war. Freshman have pink, sophomores have green,  juniors have orange, and the seniors have blue.

Senior Sadie Cummings expressed that color wars is her favorite dress up day as it always stays the same, and every year you get excited to go to the next color.

“I’ve been waiting to wear blue to this pep assembly since my freshman year, and I’m super excited the time has finally came,” said Cummings.

Cummings’ favorite part of Winter Wonderland is the dance. The music is always a mix, and the DJ makes sure to play a little of everything that way he does not leave anyone out.

Sadie in middle

Cummings went to the Winter Wonderland dance with a huge group of friends.

“Every year us girls all meet up and get ready together. After we are ready we all go to Perkins which has been our tradition since freshman year. We are all saddened that this is our last year together, and we are making the most out of it,” explains Cummings.

Junior Jocelyn Gagnow’s favorite dress up day was pajama day. It allowed her to just relax and be comfortable and warm while she had to be at school. Gagnow was most excited for the pep assembly.

“They are always so fun and upbeat. Everyone acts silly, and it is just a great time, all with our grades having a great bonding experience,” said Gagnow.

For Gagnow her least favorite part of Winter Wonderland is the dance. She did not go to the dance. She decided to hangout with a few friends and just spend the night in staying warm and having fun. If Gagnow could change one thing about Winter Wonderland it would be to make it more like Homecoming. Winter Wonderland is a more relaxed dance where Homecoming is super hyper and a lot of fun.

Overall, most students enjoy Winter Wonderland. It is a time where everyone comes together and just has a bunch of fun as a whole school.