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Green eggs and… musicals!

The musical Seussical came to Shawano High starting January 31 and goes through February 3. SCHS performs a fall play, winter musical, then transitions into a spring play every year. Mr. Alex Konen directs the fall plays, Mr. John Kent directs the musicals and Madeline Stuewer directs the spring plays.

This Seussical is based off of the infamous children books written by Dr. Seuss. Senior Lydia Colon will be playing two characters, a zebra jungle citizen as well as Vlad Vladikof which is a vulture/eagle creature from the Dr. Seuss books.

“I have done three other musicals before this: 7 Brides for 7 Brothers, Mary Poppins and Wizard of Oz. The Wizard of Oz was my first performance so the whole thing was really cool. The other performances, I had a lot of expectations and compared them to my first musical,” Colon shared about her experiences.

There are many other plays and musicals that Colon has interest in: Hamilton, Fantom of the Opera, Grease and Cats. The most important part of musicals is to keep the audience upbeat and on their toes.

“I think one of my favorite parts of musicals and plays is when we are all standing in a line at the end and just seeing the overall energy being thrown at us, especially after a standing ovation, is touching and moving,” senior Sahara Homan, Mrs. Mayor in Seussical, exclaims.

Performing in plays and musicals can put a lot of stress and practice on all of the auditioners. It takes time to memorize the lines along with the movement and dances that come with the performance.

“The dancing is one thing I struggle with. It’s one of my favorite parts of the Seussical, but it literally takes up the whole musical and a lot of people tend to mess up the moves which was hard to bounce back from,” Colon stated.

The painting of the set also took a lot of work. Tianna Fields, former SCHS student, gives her service to painting all of the designs for the plays and musicals. Fields allows the art to flow through her in order to get the painting done in a timely fashion.

“Tianna has probably been painting the set for about two weeks, and she really gives it her all. It’s always amazing to see how it turns out,” Homan shared.

Many young students who participate in the theater department also share a desire to continue this talent throughout their college and overall life experiences. Some even strive to become actors and actresses. However, there are also the students who are unsure if they would like to pursue this life outside of high school.

“I really would like to participate in college,” Homan shared. “Theater is like this tight knit family, and I want to experience that as much as I can.”

Dr. Seuss became a common inspiration among children who were first learning to read. The author portrays a fun environment that brings kids to understanding rhyming in poems. Dr. Seuss has made countless children’s books which leads them into their first experience of literature.

“My top three favorite books by Dr. Seuss would definitely be The Lorax, I Ran the Zoo, and Dr. Seuss’s ABC’s,” Colon expressed of her childhood joys.

The audience enjoyed the Seussical performances, and the characters enjoyed playing in it. SCHS is excited for the upcoming spring play, The Miracle Worker.