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Hawk Talk with Lydia: Issue No. 5

Dear Lydia,

I have a hopeless crush on a guy that will never know how I feel. It is silly. I have known him for years, and all of a sudden I cannot stop thinking about him! He is just the most amazing guy. He plays sports, has a job, is smart and has plans for after high school. How does a guy get any better than that? The thing is, he is friends with a way different group of people compared to me. He hangs out with the jocks and sits by the group of girls at lunch that gossips about all of the drama going on in our school. On the other hand, I sit at a different table with my best friend, and know what we do at lunch? Stick grapes in our top lip so we look like crazy, little chipmunks. Yup, I am that girl. What I love about being goofy is that I know I am always being myself. I feel like the guy I like is scared to be himself. It is just so hard! I feel like he is a completely different, real person around me. Then, he walks out of the classroom and becomes another person. Hopeless, right? I have a crush on a guy that has two sides, and I only want the side of him that shows up around me. Please give me some advice! I have no clue what to do in this sticky situation.

Feeling hopeless,




Dear Fiona,

Boys, they are so much trouble! I totally understand where you are coming from. Everyday I see people that are not being true to themselves. It is quite sad. Everyone likes to conform to what others are doing, and they decide not to be who they really are. It is a real bummer that the guy you have feelings for cannot see that being himself is a great thing. I mean all of us are different for a reason. Different people bring unique qualities into all types of situations. I have a best friend who is horrible about thinking about what she is saying before she says it. So, we work together a lot of the time because I always thoroughly think about the words that are coming out of my mouth. Those differences between us are what bring us even closer together. Not everyone needs to act cool and skip class or wear the same ripped skinny jeans. We need to be ourselves. When we decide to be ourselves we can become leaders in areas that we really excel in. I am so proud that you are not scared to be yourself and how you know what is important to you. Your crush will realize that he is never going to be happy unless he decides to be himself. Maybe you could even talk to him about things that he values in life and see where that conversation brings both of you. I wish you the best of luck!

Lots of love,