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Last semester at SCHS for 2018 grads

Shawano High wrapped up their first semester of the 2017-2018 school year on January 19. They began a new semester the following week.

Before beginning the new semester on January 23, the students had a finals week. The week is filled with tests as well as entertaining group projects to help sum up the information that had been learned in the previous weeks.

Junior Alexis Trinko was not excited for her AP Chemistry exam on intermolecular forces because she knew it would be difficult, but explained that it ended up going pretty well for her.

In other classes, it was possible that their final exam would be a project. The students in Food Science had to create their very own popcorn flavor and create a container for the box as well as a nutrition label. The students really enjoyed the project because it put everything they had learned in the class together in one final activity.

Overall, finals week went well for most students at SCHS. Most students were ready to change things up a little bit. At SCHS, students’ schedules can change during second semester because they might have a course that is only one semester long.

Trinko’s schedule was almost the same, but she did add Challenge, a physical education class, to her schedule. So far, she has enjoyed the class, but she struggles with some of the trust and team building activities the class engages in. One of the activities even includes an extreme trust fall where someone falls a couple feet into their classmates’ hands.

On January 23 many of the 2018 graduates walked into school in a very excited mood; their last semester of high school had finally begun. Senior Callie Boyles was one of the students thrilled that her time in high school would soon be done.

“I am happy that soon I will be going to college and experiencing new things,” stated Boyles.

Although there is excitement, there are classes, teachers and classmates that the seniors are going to miss here at SCHS. Boyles explained that it was surprising to her, but she is really going to miss all of the fun times she had in her Communication Arts course.

“I like speaking in front of people, so it was a really easy class for me,” Boyles said.

The seniors may only have one semester left, but freshmen students have seven more to go.

Freshman Morgan Weinig had a great experience during her first semester in high school, and she luckily has not done anything to extremely embarrass herself yet. Weinig expressed that it has been quite a change coming from the middle school, but she really enjoys the longer classes because it allows her to understand what is being taught more thoroughly.

With the new start many students set goals for themselves during this second semester. Many seniors might have the same goal as Boyles, do better in classes that are a challenge, raise their GPA and hopefully get awarded a scholarship to help with future education.

A lot of underclassmen have goals along those same lines: obtain the best grades possible, learn about new subjects and have fun.

It is the beginning of the end for the seniors at SCHS, but all of the students are looking forward to a fresh start, new experiences and all of the exciting things coming their way this semester.

From left to right: Callie Boyles, Sierra Carpenter and Ashlyn Ruen enjoy the pool in one of their new classes, Water Sports.