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Shawano DI teams fight for spot at state

Teams from Shawano Schools competed at the regional competition for Destination Imagination competition on February 24 at Shawano Community Middle School. They were competing for the chance to move on to the next level of competition, state, which will be held in Stevens Point.

Destination Imagination is a program that is set up for kids to bring their imaginations out. It is where students in school get a challenge, and they have to create a skit that follows the guidelines and rules. The students then perform it, and the appraisers decide if they move on or not.

Shawano Senior DI Team
Courtesy of Joanne Edwards

All of the teams competed in different challenges. In the beginning, the teams chose a challenge that they wanted to do during the season. The challenges are Technical, Scientific, Engineering, Fine Arts, Improvisational and Service Learning. There is also a special challenge for students in teams that are Kindergarten through second grade.


Due to having so many teams compete, DI divided them into age groups, or levels. The levels are Early Learning, Elementary, Intermediate and Secondary. Although, there are some coaches that may have two different teams.

Coach Joanne Edwards explained, “It was challenging to have two teams. It was also hard to give enough attention to both teams.”

The kids on the teams also have to make time to meet during the week to get ready for their performance.

Edwards stated, “Having a freshman team was harder than having an elementary team. Since they were involved a lot in the high school, there was not that much time to have practices all together.”

There are many different schools that offer DI in this region. Although, there are surrounding schools that do not.

Regional Director Luke Wojta stated, “I think DI is a program that can grow. It should be brought to other schools in the area for others to enjoy it.”

The challenges are not the only thing the students get creative with. Deciding what they may want their team name to be is a fun way to get the students’ creative juices flowing.

Edwards explained, “The freshman team did not think of the name until they really had to. So they decided to name the team ‘The!!’ My fourth grade team decided that the team name would be ‘Redwood Legends’ because their story was set in a redwood forest.”

As the competition was set and ready to go, there were some obstacles that came up before it had even started.

Wojita said, “Some of the obstacles that did come up was trying to find appraisers and some of the volunteers. Some volunteers were not able to make it to the competition, and I had to find some more to fill the position.”

When the competition wound down, the award ceremony was held. This was when the teams found out if they moved on or not. Some of the Shawano teams moved on to state.

Overall, the teams did a phenomenal job at their performances. They all worked hard for this competition, which made it a fun event for the students involved