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Tri-M shares musical talents with community

Shawano High offers more than 20 different clubs, ranging from Art Club to the relatively new, Gay-Straight Alliance Club. One of the largest clubs at SCHS is Tri-M.

While Band Council is exclusive to students in band, Tri-M incorporates students from choir, band and orchestra. Similar to other high-achieving clubs, Tri-M requires exceptional grades. Students must apply for membership and then complete an audition piece before the club advisor, Mr. Chris Kent.

This club is led by five SCHS seniors: Lydia Colon, Nicole Thronock, Hunter Krolow, Morgan Briske and Brittney Angeli.

Tri-M President, senior Hunter Krolow, preparing for upcoming event

Krolow remarked, “Tri-M is an honor society dedicated to going out into the community and sharing the talents of our students with people within the community.”

Members of this organization are actively involved throughout the community by participating in individual and group community projects. Many students use their talents at churches, nursing homes and community events. Past group activities have taken place at Charlie’s County Market, John Kent’s Benefit and the grand opening of Franklin Park.

The students are currently planning to get involved with the flea market and farmers market this spring. In addition to this, the club is organizing a music week that will take place later this spring.

An important goal of Tri-M is to encourage the talents of students while sharing such assets with others. However, an equally important goal is to create connections in and out of Shawano.

“Tri-M has a very high standing with music industries throughout the country,” shared Krolow, “a lot of people see students that are dedicated in a club like this, and they see that they will be dedicated in anything they go into.”

Experiences often impact students differently. For Krolow, Tri-M has exemplified the notion that a small town does not imply small talent.

“Tri-M has really shown me the high level of musicianship that comes out of our school. The people who go into it and really participate in the club, not only know how to put together these things for the community and school, but they do it at a level that is high-amateur to professional. That is really impressive to me, and I like to encourage that in other students,” explained Krolow.

“Tri-M has really just made an impact in my life because it gives me leadership and a special honor that I have to live up to,” senior Levi Johnson shared.

Many clubs struggle with the decline of dedication as the school year progresses, and while Tri-M is not immune to this, the president has a plan.

“It’s what the seniors set up for the future kids going into it. What we need to show is that we will pursue greatness. As juniors and seniors, we will pursue greatness, and that will show the younger kids to step up and take those positions and push for more and more things to do.”

While Tri-M is merely one activity among the countless others that Shawano High has to offer, the opportunities and lessons that this club embody are exceptional and beneficial in both the long-term and short-term facets of students lives.