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Hawk Talk with Lydia: Issue No. LAST ONE EVER

Dear Class of 2018,

I cannot believe it! Our time has come to an end. It has been a wild journey. Filled with crazy ups, downs, good memories, cringey memories and many more memorable moments. I have had a blast getting to know everyone in this class of crazy kids. We are so different, yet we all get along so well, and that is something I will forever remember about this class of students. I did not get to know everyone in our grade very well, but even those who I did not know well seemed like great people. Your faces are the ones that I have grown used to seeing everyday for the past fourteen years now. It is super hard to imagine a day without seeing any of you. Now we are all headed out of this school, and maybe even out of Shawano. Each of us is on our way to becoming military leaders, veterinarians, business people, volunteers, doctors and so much more . We have learned a lot here at Shawano High: how to graph parabolas, how to procrastinate, to play instruments, build cabinets, change the oil on a car, the anatomy of a horse, what it sounds like when a hydrogen balloon blows up and plenty more. I am beyond excited to see where everyone ends up! I hope the best for the Class of 2018. May you always remember the goofy elementary Christmas concerts, the recorders at Olga Brener, Mr. Cornell’s entertaining Character Ed. class, and that you all of you truly are amazing people. I wish all of you the best of luck in your future endeavors! Goodbye, Shawano High’s Class of 2018!

Lots of Love,

Lydia Williams