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Teacher Feature: Mrs. Lamers

Mrs. Brittany Lamers has been working at SCHS for three years now. She teaches sophomores and up, and she started with the now senior class.

Q1: Who are the three greatest living musicians?

Oh jeez. Okay this would change weekly for me, but as of right now: Childish Gambino, Brendon Urie, Paul McCartney.

Q2: Name three celebrities you most admire.

Oh this is hard. I don’t look up to celebrities necessarily. Right now I’m obsessed with Childish Gambino. Can I pick two people as the same person? Like Joe Biden and Barack Obama. I look up to their relationship. Everyone should treat each other how Joe Biden and Barack Obama treat each other. I think Gillian Flynn is a really good writer, how she bends people’s minds. I like that. Hm, let me come back to that one. [hint: she never comes back to that one.]

Q3: What are your three greatest accomplishments?

I make a lot of jokes, but I’m a good mom, so yeah, my kid. I think my job here– I’m proud of what I’ve done. Having established relationships with all the kids here that are going to leave, that’s something I’m really proud of. This newspaper is one of the things I’m most proud of in my career so far.

Q4: What are you three favorite movies?

Oh, Little Miss Sunshine, Fight Club and Almost Famous.

Q5: What are three things you would do if you were invisible for a day?

[laughs evilly] I feel like I would just like, this is not very exciting, but I feel like I would just go to the mall and shop and eat in peace. Nobody would talk to me. My kid couldn’t see me, so he can’t cry. The samples lady, she has to leave me alone. Nobody is gonna try to spray perfume on me. I would hit up Coldstone and just buy stuff. That’s only two things. I have to be more interesting than that. I could sneak into a place where I’m not supposed to be. I would go into an art museum so I could touch the art.

Q6: If you could eat only three foods for the rest of your life, what would they be?

I’ve been thinking about this question a lot actually, and I was going to say jalapeno Doritos, but then last night I ate them and I didn’t feel good, but today I’m feeling better, so jalapeno Doritos. Opy sticks. It’s basically like cheese bread that you can get from any pizza place, but it’s back at the pizza place where I grew up. Pennelopy’s Pizza – opy sticks, that’s how they got the name. Mint Shakes from Dick’s Drive-In, in Kaukauna. I could swim in a bathtub of them. So good. I should’ve said something healthy, right?