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Student Spotlight: Erin Maulson

As her senior year begins, Erin Maulson looks back on her past years in high school and gives advice to the other classes.

“During my freshman year I think my favorite thing about it is meeting Mrs. Reopelle and getting to know her. My favorite thing about my sophomore year was that I was not a freshman anymore. It was my junior and senior year that I realized I had a lot of freedom,” Maulson explained.

During her last years in school she has joined many clubs like culture club, french club and GSA. Maulson has also been in the college ready program Upward Bound since freshman year.

“Upward Bound has been the most memorable thing about high school because it let me meet a lot of people and experience what college will be like,” Maulson explains.

This year she has been applying to the colleges she wants to get into and has been focusing on passing.

According to Maulson, “I want to go to Northern Michigan because it is a really good school, but I have to try this year and pass all of my classes.”

She has been going to different college tours in the past years at Shawano Community High School with the Title program. Maulson has been to UW-Oshkosh, UW-Green Bay and UW-Stout.

“This is my last year at high school, so I need to make sure that this one counts,” Maulson expressed.