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Teacher feature: New SCHS teachers

Shawano Community High School is beginning the new 2018-2019 school year with some new teachers. Mrs. Green is the new choir teacher and Mrs. Homan is the new tech ed teacher. Here’s a little something to get to know our new Shawano Hawks!


Where did you come from?

Green: Well, I’ve lived in Shawano for at least twenty years. So I’m from around here, but originally I grew up in Minneapolis.”

Homan: Well, I used to work at creative converting as a quality technician. But I’m originally from Iowa. I used to substitute teach in Bonduel and in Bruce. I didn’t go to school for teaching, but I went for graphic design.”


How do you like it here at SCHS?

Green: I like it a lot. Before I had this job, I helped with the last four musicals here. My first musical was the Wizard of Oz, and I helped with that because my daughter, Lydia, was one of the Munchkins. And then they just started asking me to come back and help with other ones.”

Homan: Good. It’s been good. The teachers are all very welcoming and so far the students have all been great.”


What is your favorite part about SCHS?

Green: “The music department and the theater department I would say.”

Homan: Being able to help the students learn the artistic technology that has become very popular and needed in society.”


Why did you decide to teach at SCHS?

Green: I knew that they were really looking for someone, and there were a lot of choral positions open in Northeast Wisconsin, and I think not enough people to fill them. And I just loved the kids here, you know just working with many of them in the musicals and I just didn’t want to see a great program fizzle out.”

Homan: I felt like it was a calling. This was the third time the position had opened up. The first two times I discussed with my husband to get a teaching degree. It wasn’t in the plans and it just wasn’t going to happen. Since Wisconsin passed the Career Experience Law for licenser, we figured this time it was worth a shot to apply and see what would happen.”


How long have you been teaching?

Green: This is my first year actually in a teaching position, but last year I did some substitute teaching.”

Homan: I subbed for two years, and this is my first year teaching.”


Thank you for taking the time to meet our new teachers!