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Middle School Outreach – November edition

I want to give a huge “thank you” to all of the Middle School students that submitted questions.  I am so happy that I can try and answer as many questions as possible this year. Keep submitting questions!


Question: Is High School hard?


Dear brilliant students of the future,


What a great and very broad question!  The short answer of this question would be yes, but if you want the long answer, keep reading!

Yes, high school is hard.  However, there are a lot of great resources that teachers offer to students, so that it is not as difficult.  Math teachers offer a Think Tank that you can visit during your study hall for help with math and science. English teachers offer English Help that you can utilize during your study hall, as well.  One big difference between high school and middle school is the amount of work and… homework, dun, dun duhhh. But, before you start freaking out, if you manage your time wisely, it should not be a problem (If you are someone that has a hard time with time management, now you can freak out.  Or change your habits). I know that some of us, *cough, cough, me* are master procrastinators, but that is hard to do in high school. As soon as you miss one assignment, more will follow. But don’t worry, you won’t let this happen to you, right? Yes, that’s what I thought!

One way to really help organize your time is to use your agenda.  Write down everything that is due in the future on those dates, and all of your assignments that need to be done right away.  This way, you won’t forget. Another helpful study tip I use is to write down all of the assignments that you want done for the next day and time it out.  An example of this is…

  • Math Homework – 5:30 – 6
  • Chemistry Homework –  6- 6:45

And so on.

The most important part of this is starting right away.  Once you get into the habit of pushing off your assignments for 10 pm the night before, it’s tough to break.  


I believe in you!