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Shawano girls swim through season

Just keep swimming! The Shawano High School girls swim team just wrapped another season and accomplished swimming their way to sectionals. Girls swim is a fall sport at SCHS in which girls from Shawano and Bonduel are able to participate.The girls had some wins and some losses but continued to stay positive throughout the whole season.

For many, this season was their last, but for three sophomores, they are right in the prime of their high school careers and can’t wait to see what the future has in store for them.

These girls reflected on their season, what got them to start this sport and why they continue to keep swimming.

“I was born doing the backstroke. For as long back as I can remember, I was always in the pool, and then I started competitively swimming when I was five. I learned how to swim through the rec center’s swim lessons and my dad. After I passed all the levels at the rec center at age five, I joined the Shawano Community Swim Club [SCSC] and started to compete,” said sophomore Isabel Colon.

Colon has been swimming since she was very little and hopes to continue swimming competitively as long as she can. She has made a strong bond with fellow sophomore swimmer Macy Monfils this year.

“I have been doing competitive swim since I was seven. I just fell in love,” stated Monfils.

Monfils and Colon swim club on the off-season and continue to train as much as possible. These girls started as children, and their hard work showed when they both made personal records this season.

Colon and Monfils in a pool. Photo Credits: Macy Monfils

“For me, the season was very good. I made all of my goals and consistently dropped time in all my events,” said Colon.

Monfils made big accomplishments this year, considering she has been sitting out off and on throughout the past couple of years due to injury. She described her personal performance by stating,“I think the season went really good! I dropped times almost every meet and had a few personal records.”

Rose Bunker, a new sophomore to the team, feels like she did well for her first year and enjoys swimming the butterfly stroke. Swim is an individual sport, but the way they connect as a team greatly influences how they perform on their own.

“When we are in practice and in our lanes you can see the cliques, but when we are at meets, we all look out for each other.” Colon continued. “It doesn’t matter who’s swimming, the rest of the team will always be down on the other side of the pool cheering them on. You win together and you lose together. Every individual race goes towards the team’s points. Swimming is not a team event but rather events that make a team.”

Monfils and Bunker both agree with Colon and really see a change in team dynamics at meets.

Now that the season is over, the girls said goodbye to their seniors and began to truly understand what swim has done for them and what swim has taught them.

“One thing I will take away from swimming is that if you don’t put in the effort or the work, you will not achieve your goal. You have to make sacrifices to help better yourself, and you have to go above and beyond and to reach your goals,” stated Colon.