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Start of a new season

Tryouts for girls basketball started November 5 in the school gym. This kicked off the beginning of the new basketball year for the athletes. Many players were eager to start up the season and get back on the court.

With the past season being a very memorable one, the players were excited to be with the team and make more memories. The girls prepared for many months, and it is finally time for the new season.

“I prepared for this season by playing on a league and AAU [Amateur Athletic Union] team until the end of July,” freshman Odessa Arce stated. “I also put in a lot of work by spending time at the gym and shooting around, going to any open gyms I could and wake up on Saturdays to go work on basketball at 8 am until whenever I felt it was good enough.”

A lot of members on the team put in tons of work in the offseason, which they hope to show when it comes time for their first game on November 13.

Sophomore Lydia Beyer

“How much work you and your team put in during the off-season really reflects on how well you and your team’s season will go,” sophomore Lydia Beyer explained.

Beyer has been playing basketball for eight years, with this year being her second year playing high school basketball. Last year, Beyer’s fondest memories were of the head coach of the junior varsity team. He is lovingly nicknamed “Papa K”.

“I like our coach,” Beyer said. “He cares about all of his players, and he wants everyone to do their best, which is great.”

Coaches are an important part of any team, and the way they act also seems to determine how the team acts.

“Our coach is very enthusiastic about the sport,” senior Kayla Ward said. “He wants to make sure we all do our best and pushes us to be the best players we can be, which is really cool to have as a someone leading the team.”

As a senior, this is Ward’s last basketball season at Shawano High. She has some team goals that she wants to accomplish, such as being first in regionals and even going to state. Other members of the team have goals as well.

“My goal for this season is to realize that winning isn’t everything, but wanting to is,” Arce said, “because that is a hard thing to do.”

The team has very good chemistry because most of the girls have been playing together since before middle school.

“My favorite part about basketball is playing with my teammates,” Ward said. “It is really great to have a family that is not actually related to you and to having a good bond with that family.”

With a good bond between all of the players, it created a close team. A close team makes the goals they have set for themselves achievable.

“As they all say, teamwork makes the dream work,” Beyer said.