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No more dinner, just desserts

Just Desserts Dance and Revue, previously known as Dinner Dance, was held at Shawano Community High School on Friday, Nov. 9 and Saturday, Nov. 10. The jazz bands and show choirs of Shawano performed a variety of music.  

Mrs. Jennifer Green is the director of the choirs at SCHS. She has been helping the students prepare for their performance.

“[Just Desserts] is an opportunity for jazz and show choirs to show their stuff. This is the first year for the show choir [the underclassmen choir] to perform at Just Desserts,” Mrs. Green said.  

There were several changes made this year. One of them was that there will not be a dinner, just desserts. The desserts that were served came from Fannita’s Bakery.

The band director, Mr. Christopher Kent stated, “People should come ready for really good desserts and a wide variety of entertainment, ranging from classic jazz to big band and others.”

Some of the songs that were performed were “Hip to be Squared” by Huey Lewis, “Dancing Queen” by ABBA, and “Welcome to the Jungle” by Guns N’ Roses.

With changes, there are some challenges to be expected. One of the things that came up was how much time they had to prepare.

“It’s a big time crunch. Show choirs only get half the [class] period,” Mrs. Green said.

Not only has the choir worked hard, the band has also been busy. They had to learn a lot with not a lot of time.

Junior Payton Tullberg, a bass player in Jazz 1, said, “Time signatures were challenging and making sure I stayed with the band.”

There were challenges for the jazz band as a whole that came with their first concert of the year.

“Out of 24 students, 11 of them graduated last year, so there was a lot of new personnel, and we had to learn a lot of different styles,” explained Mr. Kent.

With these challenges, the students had to put a lot of time in and out of class to prepare for the concert.

“The whole first part of school is focused on Just Desserts. There are a lot of enhancements,” Mr. Kent said.

Though this is their first concert of the year, it is different for both the band and choir.

Show Choir preparing for Just Desserts.

“The set up is more intimate. There are tables on the stage [where the audience sits] and band and choir is on ‘stage left,’” Mrs. Green said.

Not only is the set up closer to the audience, but the whole atmosphere of the concert is different.

“It’s very chill for the most part, but there will be changes with each song that is played,” Tullberg said.

The Jazz band typically plays in a very professional setting, and they typically do not perform at Shawano, though, that is where they practice.

“Our other concerts don’t happen at Shawano. We usually perform at competitions, so it’s a crowd of people we know versus new people,” Tullberg explained.

With many changes and little time to prepare, the jazz bands and show choirs still put on an amazing show.