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Athlete of the Month: Keith Tourtillott

Junior Keith Tourtillott competed against three other competitors of his weight class on Saturday, November 10 at the Trackwrestling Preseason Championships in La Crosse. Competing in the 220 weight class category, Tourtillott had a lot to prepare for. Only having roughly three weeks to prepare was another obstacle.

“I couldn’t wait to get back to competing. Ever since the JROB Camp during the summer I’ve been wrestling with partners on the team. So I was anxious and stoked to see how I would perform against competitors who decided to register themselves into this tournament,” stated Tourtillott.

The JROB Camp was held in Forest City, Iowa and lasted ten days. It taught Tourtillott how to push himself through even the most intense practices. It gave him the strong mentality to keep from breaking even in the toughest of times.

Tourtillott described his aspirations for this year by stating, “My goals for this season are simply to become the state champion, plain and simple. I’m going to achieve this through training and keeping my motivations held deep within. I’m going to pretend that there is no next season and that I’ve gotta accomplish my goals now.”

A shoulder injury threatened his goals, but fortunately he noticed the problem early. The shoulder problem had to be fixed since it was stopping him from training hard. It was a good idea to get it checked out early like Tourtillott did and prepare; otherwise, it probably would have held him back from doing his best.

Keith described the sport stating, “To anyone who starts out, I started as a freshman, and I used to think wrestling was stupid. I would say stick with it for it requires is a lot of grit, good work ethic, and a strong, stable mindset. Be able to lift yourself through times of distress and discouragement. Go to every tournament possible, wrestle every chance you get, and train as much as you can at every opportunity. I’m gonna become the state champion you can take my word on it!”