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Brown’s Builders

Students in both Beginning Carpentry and Residential Building and Construction have been working on different structures throughout the course of a month. The students have been taught to build these structures by Mr. Greg Brown.

Mr. Brown has been teaching students at Shawano Community High School for twenty-two years. Building sheds or cabins has been in the curriculum for nineteen years.

Mr. Brown said, “The Residential Building and Construction class has been building a shed offsite for a local resident. Beginning Carpentry has been building a ‘she-shed’ in the shop to be raffled off in the end.”

Some of the students in Beginning Carpentry took the class to be able to have experience in building these structures.

Junior Gunnar Hein explained, “I took the class because I like woodworking. It also helps with how to build simple things.”

By taking Residential Building and Construction some students are able to work on buildings that are not at the school. The students are able to leave the class and go offsite to where they are building the toolshed.

Senior Erik Johnson explained, “We are able to leave the school and go somewhere else to build. This is more of a real job experience for us. It helps us to know what may happen when we have a job like this.”

The  Residential Building and Construction students are able to work more independently, while the Beginning Carpentry class has Mr. Brown there teach to them everything they need to know.

Mr. Brown described, “In my Beginning Carpentry class, I give them the instructions and make sure they pay attention, so they know what to do. I make sure I show them how to do it and then make sure that they do it themselves after. If there is a mistake, the students have to take it apart and redo it.”

Although, there has to be some precaution taken anytime anyone is building. Mr. Brown has to make sure that they follow the rules.

“I have to make sure that they are putting the building together. At the same time, I have to watch to make sure that everyone is safe,” Mr. Brown explained.

There are many aspects that have to be put into these projects. There has to be a lesson in the end that the students are able to take out of it.

Mr. Brown said, “I want to make sure that the project will represent all portions about building a house. For example, I want my classes to be able to know how to maintain a house.”

After the building is finished that is in the school, Mr. Brown sells or raffles it. This is to raise money to be able to make more in future classes.

Mr. Brown said, “I want to put the shed on the trailer to be able to pull it through the fair. This is so everyone is able to see it.”

For future reference, the Beginning Carpentry class will be made into a life skills credit. The students that do take this class do want to put in the best effort that they can.

Sophomore Kody Stuewer explained, “I want the best quality for these buildings because we all put in a lot of work, and, in the end, it is not ours.”