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Fired up athletes on ice

Shawano High Hockey Team is back on the ice for their winter season. Despite the lower number of players this year, the team started practice at the Crawford Center with high goals and a positive attitude.

Junior Caleb Davids has been playing hockey for thirteen years. He is the goalie of the team, and he loves this sport for its high intensity and pace.

“I love being in a bunch of action,” said Davids.

Davids’ goal for this season is to be successful in every game. He is also planning a career in hockey as he confirmed, “I want to go to college for hockey.”

Hockey requires bonding with their teammates. Knowing their teammates and working well with each other is fundamental to win games.

“The most challenging part is keeping [your] head in the game,” Davids commented. “I can get off task very easily.”

Freshman Faith Lammers plays on defense and is the only girl on the team for this season. She started playing hockey when she was four, and she keeps pursuing her goals in it.

“I played hockey with boys for so many years,” Lammers commented. “I do not think genders matter.”

A good hockey player should be determined, dedicated and trusting in his or her team and abilities.

“You always have to be positive,” Davids confirmed.

Lammers works so hard to improve her mindset, stay motivated and be able to give her best at every single practice.

“You have to go out and get it,” Lammers stated. “You have to work hard and just be ready.”

Despite the fact that hockey is a team sport, athletes have different pre-game rituals that help them focus and get into the game.

“I usually listen to music, and I try to create a mental vision of the game,” said Lammers.

Davids created his own ritual when he was a child, and he is emotionally attached to it.

“I eat Goldfish before every single game,” confirmed Davids.

Hard work and discipline always pay off. Shawano High Hockey athletes have great accomplishments to be proud of.

“My biggest accomplishment was last year when I won the defensive player of the year award,” Lammers said.

Davids agreed and added, “My biggest accomplishment was last year when I got MVP.”

Being part of a high school team is a huge commitment, but it builds character, discipline and creates a lot of memories.

“My favorite memory is at State Tournament,” Lammers stated. “My line went out there, we made a really good game and we scored.”

The season has just started, and the athletes already had their first home game on Nov. 20.

Shawano Hockey Team is looking forward a successful season.

The team during a home game