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Firing up Forensics

The Forensics club started up their season with their first meeting on October 30. Forensics is known as the study and practice of public speaking and debate. Students from Shawano Community High School are encouraged to give the club a try as it has many benefits.

One of the Forensics coaches is Ms. LaRai Martin, and she expressed the club’s benefits by stating, “Forensics is about spoken verbal communication, and it’s important because as young public speakers it gives you guys the chance to work on public speaking. It’s one more opportunity to shake off the fear and is a competitive opportunity to apply those same speaking skills.”

It is no secret that public speaking is listed as America’s number one fear even before death. To overcome this fear, students can join this club and work on their abilities with coaches. The advisor is Mr. Falk and coaches are Mr. Konen, Ms. Martin, Mrs. Pyatskowit and Mrs. Kann.

“I always look forward to seeing kids that have been in Forensics for a while reach another milestone in their success and to see the new ones get caught up in the excitement of it.
Forensics makes a more confident individual in the world. There are far too many individuals who have something to say who won’t say it because they are afraid to stand up and speak their mind,” stated Ms. Martin.

Sophomore Ella Wild had recently moved to SCHS and is excited to participate in the Forensics program here. Wild transferred from White Lake High School in White Lake, Wisconsin. Wild’s old school had a smaller group last year with only four people. She competed in poetry last year and went to state earning an astonishing 23 out of 25 score.

“When you’re out doing Forensics, you’re performing in front of people you don’t know. So if you make a mistake, you can fix it, and you will never see them again. I just take a deep breath and pretend no one is there,” said Wild.

If anyone is interested in joining they should ask any one of the coaches how to get started. There are various categories to choose from such as group interpretation, poetry, humorous interpretation, informative speaking and much more.

“Right before you perform you get this adrenaline rush, and it’s just a great feeling when you get up there, and it just fades away. I love speaking, performing and it does not matter if I win anything at the end as long as I put my soul into it,” said Wild.

Forensics really helps people that are shy to be more outgoing and makes it easier to speak and do presentations in front of people. The judges and coaches are there to help participants prepare to be able to perform to the best of their abilities.

Wild described the challenges of Forensics by stating, “The hardest part for me is in the beginning when you learn your piece you have to go over it how you want to say it and what you want to do with it. You want to know your piece, give feeling, expressions and tell the audience like it’s your life story.”

Ella Wild