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Food drive driven by SADD Club

The Students Against Destructive Decisions (SADD) Club organized a food drive for Shawano Area Food Pantry and Resource Center (SAFPARC) at SCHS from Nov. 5 to 16.

Mrs. Ellen Kann, advisor of SADD, not only organizes this to help the community but also the students.

“[It’s important because it] helps the people who can’t afford food for Thanksgiving and gives students a way to help the community,” Mrs. Kann said.

Students want to be of help to the community but do not  always know how. Junior Kaylee Kreuser, a SADD club member, views giving back to the community as something valuable.

Kreuser said it is important to her “because everyone deserves food especially around the holidays.”

The food was delivered to SAFPARC before Thanksgiving so people could have a Thanksgiving meal that they might not have been able to.

“[SAFPARC is] the most accessible place for people to get food for the holidays,” Mrs. Kann said.

The students were all more than willing to be of help so that the less fortunate could have a great Thanksgiving meal.

Junior Emma Etten, a SADD Club member, said,“The students helped by bringing in the food that was donated.”

Although the students were the ones that brought the food in, this could not have happened without the SADD Club members and Mrs. Kann. They had a lot to do behind the scenes.

“We had to get approval for the dates, write letters, get bags and posters approved and decide what food would be accepted,” Mrs. Kann explained.

Mrs. Kann did not mind the hard work at all because she not only views this as a great way to help the community but also to get students involved.

“It’s a great opportunity for students to make good decisions,” Mrs. Kann said.

Students were willing to give their all because of one common reason. They see the value in giving back to their community.

Etten said, “I think it’s important to contribute to our community.”

Students make themselves available when it goes to someone in need, and SAFPARC does just that.

“I wanted to help because it’s a good thing for a good cause.” Etten said.

In order for students to get involved, the word had to get out, but the SADD Club was more than willing to help.

“We made an announcement about it, put up posters and we also made a announcement in the email announcements,” Kreuser said.

To help motivate the students to get involved, there was a little competition between homerooms. Together all the homerooms brought in just short of 500 non-perishables with Mrs. Goers’ homeroom winning. They brought in 71 food items. 

A portion of the food donated. Photo courtesy of Sarah Carlson.

As a reward they get “a box of donuts from Fannita’s and the good feeling of helping those in need,” Mrs. Kann said.

Students heard the word about the food drive and gave what they could to help the community’s less fortunate have a happy Thanksgiving.