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Humans of Shawano- November Edition

“It was last year, and my group and I were at a forensic group at a meet. We were put in a room with people we were all comfortable with, so we were kinda giggling and chatting a lot. We then realized that we forgot an introduction so we are going to have to make one up on the fly. Somehow, I ended up being the one having to do it. I said the author’s name wrong. Then everyone was laughing. I couldn’t get the right words out, and I peed. But I was the only one who knew I did because I was presenting! I am just dying of laughter the whole performance, which is making everyone else laugh… It was just bad.”

  • Junior Bella Buettner (plans to attend more forensic meets, this time without the accident)


“If I could describe my previous year of high school in one word, I would say busy. I take a lot of hard classes and in addition to trying to deal with that I do a lot of music. But the music activities I do in high school are going to prepare me for what I want to do outside of school!”

  • Senior Karelyn Malliett said when asked to describe her junior year of high school in one word.