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Preston McKinnies enriches SCHS with P7 club

Shawano Community High School is welcoming a new after school club this 2018-2019 school year. Project 7 [P7] is a student-led club that teaches biblical principles to the students. The club was introduced at SCHS by sophomore Preston McKinnies.

“I decided to start it here because we didn’t have one here. I just decided to start it because I felt that, especially in the Shawano High School, there needed to be that atmosphere,” McKinnies said.

The P7 club was created to inspire and empower the people in the club to make better choices in their lives and improve their overall lifestyle.   

“P7 stands for Project 7. Project 7 stands for seven core values. Some of those core values are empowerment, integrity, relationship, community and things along those lines. That’s what Project 7 stands for, and the whole point of the project part is that a project is something you work on, and you are working on those seven core values to improve on the student body, to improve the schools and to improve individuals,” McKinnies said.

P7 is a nationwide club that many schools across America participate in. The club affects the students and members in a positive way and helps promote a positive lifestyle.

McKinnies stated, “Those who would choose to apply the things [biblical principles and values] to their life, it would help them in a way not just by making them a better person, but it will give them a purpose and something to strive for.”

McKinnies leads each meeting and teaches the biblical principles to the students.

P7 poster

“Normally what would be done at a P7 meeting is that there would be a lesson taught to the students using scripture and past experiences. It’s taught to reach one of the goals of teaching them biblical principles such as integrity, honesty, forgiveness and things like that. This would be done at every single meeting,” McKinnies said.

This student-led bible club serves many purposes in the betterment of the students who choose to participate.

McKinnies stated, “The main purposes are, one, to spread a Christian atmosphere in the school. Having that Christian atmosphere when a bunch of bad stuff is going on, in school and out of school, it creates a solid foundation that they can be like ‘hey I’m a part of this; I’m being a better person’. Second is to just simply spread kindness to everyone. Third is to just be a better person who will improve their relationships at home, at school and with teachers. It helps improve their respect, their honesty and their integrity as well.”

Preston McKinnies has spread the word about P7 in an effort to get kids involved in the club and in the improvement of our school and community.

“P7 is completely free; there are no requirements, especially those of faith. You don’t have to be a Christian to join, anyone can join it, and it’s completely free,” McKinnies said.

Join P7 and learn how to live your best life!