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SCHS Art Club gives back

With the holiday season just around the corner, the Shawano Community High School Art Club had a plan to give more than they receive. For Thanksgiving the club created handmade cards to give to local nursing homes. Two weeks prior to Thanksgiving, Art Club started to create their cards.

Creating these cards has been more than just a project for the club. It has become a yearly tradition since the club was created.

“It has been a project of ours for while now, probably about 4 or 5 years now,” said art teacher Ms. Jennifer Achterberg.

Art Club began to make the cards a couple weeks prior to Thanksgiving and worked on them during meetings and also had enhancements put into place specifically to work on the cards.

Cards created by Art Club

“We started talking about it in October, but we didn’t really start until last week,” stated Ms. Achterberg.

The club has also been involved in many other community events and does projects for other holidays as well. Art Club did face paintings at Sundrop Days, October Fest in downtown Shawano and at a Halloween party held at Hillcrest Primary School. The club also creates blankets during Christmas time and donates them to SAM 25, which is a local community shelter.

Art teacher Mrs. Jill Hansen stated, “One year a club member suggested it, and every year the kids really like the idea.”

Art Club begins in September and usually meets once a month during enhancement period. In the beginning of the school year, they meet as often as once a week. The projects that they are doing at the time contributes to when they meet.

“We have a scheduled monthly meeting, but we also have a lot of miscellaneous stuff like this,” stated Ms. Achterberg.

The new enhancement period has also helped get more students involved in Art Club. The period gives students the opportunity to meet with the club without having to go before or after school.

Handmade cards by Art Club

“We have a higher membership than previous years, and I think enhancement has really helped us get more members,” stated Mrs. Hansen.

This year, the club officers are Bethany Brennan and Raquel Riemer.

To be an official member, the club has a cut off date around the end of October. Joining Art Club is a fun and great way to be involved. Not only do they do activities all year round in school, but also in other areas of the community.