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Shawano students prepare for college

As the 2018-19 school year started, many students at Shawano Community High School asked themselves one question: “What am I going to do with my life?” Some will enlist in the armed services, others will enter the workforce and many will further their education by attending college or tech school next fall.

With so many schools to choose from, the class of 2019 has to start making some tough decisions. The majority of the class will go to school close to home, while a select few will spread their wings and travel out of state. Seniors Sierra Carpenter, Hannah Kadonsky and Emily Watters are planning on going to college in Wisconsin and have already been accepted to the schools of their choosing.

“I applied to five schools. I have a fee waiver [I can apply to schools for free] so I applied to LaCrosse, Oshkosh, Milwaukee, Stevens Point and Green Bay,” Carpenter stated.

Carpenter has chosen Stevens Point as her home for the next four years of her life and plans on entering undecided in her major next fall.

Kadonsky applied to two schools and has been accepted to her dream school, UW Milwaukee.

“When I toured the campus, I just really loved the atmosphere and everything about it.” Kadonsky continued, “It’s a big campus, but everything is in walking distance so I’m really looking forward to the future.”

College is important to these seniors because they will have the opportunity to get a higher education while learning how to live on their own. Students will have to learn how to cook, clean and work for themselves. The least exciting part about becoming an independent adult is the responsibilities included.

“I plan on having a job in college. I am going to need to make money to provide for myself. I want to waitress because I’m really good at it, and it’s good money,” said Watters.

Both Kadonsky and Carpenter hope to get jobs on campus so that they are closer to everything.

“I am going to work on campus. Maybe like a bookstore or something cool like that,” stated Carpenter.

Getting out of the house is what many teenagers dream about, but they leave many things behind on their journey to adulthood. These things are reminders that they will always have something to come home to. Things left behind could be anything from inanimate objects like cars or Sun Drop, to animals or the people that had been there for every step of one’s lifetime.

“I really regret leaving behind my family. They are always there for me, and I don’t know what I’m going to do without them. I know that when things get hard I can go to them, and they’ll support me,” stated Watters.

Watters and Kadonsky. Photo Credits: Emily Watters

Kadonsky shared similar thoughts about what she was sad to leave behind by stating, “I really don’t want to leave my little sister. She is really sad that I’m leaving, and I know that she’s going to be sad when I’m gone. I’m really going to miss her.”

SCHS is proud of all that was accomplished by the class of 2019 and wishes them the best of luck in whatever they may choose to do in the future.