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Student spotlight: Baylie Hansen

When junior, Baylie Hansen, started as a freshman at Shawano High School, things were very different from what she was used to at Saint James.

“Since I came from Saint James, which is a smaller school, it was quite overwhelming with so many people,” Hansen commented

This is no longer something she sees as a negative quality. She saw it as hard in the beginning, but eventually it was no longer an issue. Since her time at Saint James she has gotten to know many new people.

“At Saint James we followed the same class. Here it’s new people in each class,” Hansen explained.

Hansen loves plants and is very dedicated to her interest of plants and nature. After her years of schooling she would like to have her own greenhouse and nursery to sell native plants. Luckily, Shawano High School provides courses where Hansen can work on her dream in school.

“My favorite class is Lunch because there is ice cream, just kidding, Horticulture because I can take care of plants,” Hansen said.

Other than taking care of plants, Hansen uses her spare time making healthy food and Youtube videos. She has her own Youtube channel where she makes videos about plants, food, fashion and more.

“My Youtube is @BaylieHansen, you should go subscribe,” Hansen added.

Hansen’s favorite thing at Shawano High School is the different plays that are hosted at school. She is also partaking in the school’s winter musical

Hansen’s years of high school have given her experiences, and the best study tip she has learned is “don’t procrastinate”.