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Students come out on top

Every year, Shawano Community High School has an assembly celebrating the students who have achieved the title of being in the top 10% of their class. It is based off of the grades of students from the previous year. This year, 55 students made it into this percentage. The top 10% grade point average qualifications vary from class to class.

The assemblies were held during two Monday enhancement periods in the auditorium. One assembly was for the juniors and seniors, and the other one was held for sophomores and freshmen students.

Sophomore Ethan Chelberg

“The assembly for the top 10% is a way for students to get recognition for doing well in the past school year,” said sophomore Ethan Chelberg.

Junior Caitlin Daniel thought the assembly was a good way to acknowledge the students that worked hard and got above average grades in the past year.

“Being in the top ten percent of my class lets me know that hard work does not go unnoticed,” she said. “It is a nice reward for getting the grades I worked hard for.”

For senior Adam Piantek, achieving the top ten was a goal for his last year of high school at SCHS.

“I felt good when I got the news that I was in the top 10%,” Piantek said. “I had been really trying hard to make sure I was on

Junior Caitlin Daniel.

top of everything towards the end of last school year.”

In order to get top 10%, students had to work hard and excel in their studies. Working hard and staying on top of everything during the last school year was not always easy. Students went the extra mile last year in order to make sure that their grades stayed up.

“I would come in after school to try and make sure I had everything done. I also talked to my teachers to make sure that we were on the same page and that I was all caught up in every class. Doing this helped me stay on top of things,” Piantek explained.

The school year did get stressful sometimes for some students, and everyone had their own way of dealing with that stress.

“There were those stressful nights where I had to finish the paper and stay up really late when I would rather be reading or something,” Daniel stated, “but I would try to make sure that I spread out the work of projects and homework. Also, I made sure to keep myself happy so I would be more motivated to do that schoolwork.”

That motivation is what senior Karelyn Malliet plans to use in order to keep herself in the top 10% of her class for her last year of high school.

“I plan to study whenever I need to and whenever I can,” Malliet said. “Turning in homework on time is another big thing.”

Chelberg has been in the top of his class in recent years as well at this year. He had some advice that he would give to any freshmen wanting to achieve the top 10% next year.

“Do everything when you need to, and do not slack at all,” Chelberg said.“Work hard from the beginning of the school year to the end.”

Congratulations to the students who earned the top 10% title!