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This or That: November 2018

This or That this month features seniors Alieha Stuebs and Audrey Naeyaert, junior Annalyse Wilber, and sophomores, Joe Mente, Ethan Chelberg and Chris Teeter.


Would you rather be a teacher or principal? Why?

Alieha- Principal “so I could be in control.”

Audrey- Teacher “I like working with children, and you can learn more about people.”

Annalyse- Teacher “Because teachers are very relatable, and I like my teachers.”

Joe- “I would be a teacher because teachers get to talk to kids. The principal doesn’t have as much interaction with students.”

Ethan- Principal, “I wouldn’t want to deal with kids all day”

Chris- Principal, “I like to work behind the scenes.”


Would you rather go to school from 8am- 3pm or 11am-6pm

Alieha- 8-3 “Because otherwise you wouldn’t have enough time to do anything.”

Audrey- 8-3 “ so I have more time to do stuff after school.”

Annalyse- 8-3 “because of sports”

Joe- “I would go from 8-3, because 11-6 just seems weird.”

Ethan- 8-3 “you can have a free night”

Chris- 8-3 “I’m a night person, and it saves most of the night for fun”


Would you rather have one piece of homework that takes 5 hours to complete or 5 pieces of homework that take an hour to complete?

Alieha- 5 pieces “less work time”

Audrey- 5 that take 1 hour, “It’s less time consuming.”

Annalyse- 5 pieces, “because it’s less time”

Joe- “5 that take an hour, because then at least I can feel productive”

Ethan- 5 Pieces, “because you can work on something new”

Chris- 5 pieces, “feels like you are getting a lot more done.”


Would you rather be in class with 30 people or by yourself getting one-on-one tutoring?

Alieha- One-on-one “because it’s a better opportunity to learn, not as many distractions”

Audrey- One-on-one “‘cause I learn better that way”

Annalyse- One-on-one. “I work better on one on one stuff”

Joe- “30, so I can work in groups”

Ethan- 30, “you can have more fun with friends”

Chris-30, “you can learn a lot more off of others”

Would you rather have to wear a school uniform or have your parents pick out what you wear everyday?

Alieha- School uniform, “‘cause I don’t trust my parents to pick out my clothes.”

Audrey- School uniform “because my parents wouldn’t dress me in what I want to be dressed in”

Annalyse- My parents “my mom’s kinda cool I guess, but she would probably dress me like the 80’s”

Ethan- School uniform “because my mom would pick out turtlenecks and velcro”

Chris- School uniform “If I wear a uniform I can’t be embarrassed by my parents.”