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December Creative Writing- The Student Condition

The Student Condition

The year, the semester, your current age.

all of them wind to an end, and where are we?

Scrambling to present our thoughts on Edgar Allan Poe,

or maybe a battle in Ancient Greece.

We shop through catalogs of colleges

and endlessly cram for the ACT.

Studies show that our brains are filled to the brim,

so here we are in December craving stress relief.

All the while, more information we pack in,

while decorating a Christmas tree.

Simple moments are masked by a need to study,

pressure to memorize those vocabulary terms

paired with the necessity of coffee.

Such is the student condition.

We tell ourselves that the ends justify the means,

but we don’t take time to just breathe.

When our lives are at this anxiety inducing pace,

what do we do in order to sleep?

It is easier than our minds may lead us to believe,

special moments with friends and family.

Everyone has an escape.

Everyone has that something to take away the stress

and provide them some sort of relief.

For me, it is a good book and Queen.

For you, something different entirely,

but in these hours of freedom we must pursue what

gives our minds a break,

so that we do not.