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Student Life

Student Art Showcase: December 2018

Junior McKenah Fickel is a Photography and Drawing and Painting student. It is her first year as an art student, but she is really enjoying both classes she took.

“My favorite photography project right now is the photogram we did in the dark room with objects,” Fickel said.

Photography students made a project that involved taking a minimum of five objects and projecting their shadows on photo paper.

The objects had to be personal and meaningful. They also had to remind them of an experience lived during childhood.

Fickel’s objects were from a hard moment of her life as she explained, “It is a whole bunch of stuff that helped me find myself when my life seemed like it was falling apart.”

Fickel took a bracelet and a necklace that represented her mother and sister, a pen for writing, a rock for her curiosity, and a feather for her love of nature.

“I like having personal connections with my art projects because I appreciate them more,” Fickel commented about her deep involvement in the assignment.

“Nobody is really bad at art,” Fickel stated. “You just need to practice more so you get better at it every time.”