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Athlete of The Month: Nick Sherman

Junior Nick Sherman is a captain of the Shawano varsity Boys Basketball team and is leading the team to success this season. Sherman is averaging 13 points a game and assisted in the victory against Pulaski for the first time in five years.
“I believe I was chosen as a captain because of my actions on and off the court. My coach must have seen the way I lead the players who I’m playing with and how I communicate with my other teammates and other coaches.  Being chosen as a captain means a lot to me because it is recognition for all the hard work I put in and for how I act as a player and person to be the face of the Shawano Boys Basketball team,” stated Sherman.
Sherman’s uncle played college basketball for Saint Norbert’s and inspired him to reach that level, if not higher, in basketball. With this motivation, Sherman anticipated the start of the basketball season as he prepared all summer for the season to begin. Putting in work while playing Amateur Athletic Union (AAU) basketball was another measure he took to be the best.
“This summer I played AAU basketball to prepare for the upcoming season. Not to mention I played in our varsity summer league and was in the gym at least three nights a week. I believe all this work got me to the level I am at today, and I can only improve from here.”
Everyone has a different pregame ritual which he or she believes improves their performance. Before each game, Sherman always puts his left sock on followed by his left shoe. Though it may be a superstition, his preparation and ritual have been proven to work.
Sherman described his endeavors for this season by stating, “My goals always pertain to team success, and as a team, we all decided we wanted to make it to the sectional finals. Our coach always says we aren’t getting ready for tomorrow; we are getting ready for March 9 at three o’clock. For next year I believe the teams’ goal shouldn’t change. We should all get better with hard work and have a chance at making it to state.”