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Automotive class drives students to success

Shawano Community High School’s Automotive class teaches students each year how to repair and maintain their vehicles. The classwork contains working with different vehicles throughout the year, providing students with skill sets they could use in their everyday lives in the future.

SCHS Automotive teacher Mr. Jeremy Hodkiewicz thinks that everyone should take Automotive I to gain better understanding of how to take care of your vehicle. However, students can also take more advanced Automotive classes if they want to go in deeper depth with a vehicle’s functions.

“Showing up at a shop and knowing what you are talking about when asking for a repair is a good skill to have in the future,” Mr. Hodkiewicz said.

Sophomores Parker Trinko, Ben Cook and Aidan Berry are all in Mr. Hodkiewicz’s Automotive class. They all enjoy the class a lot and will continue taking the classes in the following years.

“It is just a good environment. It is always fun. It always puts a smile on my face showing up to the class,” Berry explained.

Trinko also added, “Just the sound of the engine. It just makes me happy.”

Auto II provides a credit for Fox Valley Technical College. This is also where some of the field trips go. The Auto II class will take trips to both dealerships and different technical schools, so students get to see some of the opportunities for the future.

“Some of the students get discounts for schools, if not paid schooling. They get tools from some of the companies to help them pursue a career,” Mr. Hodkiewicz mentioned.

The classes gives good opportunities for future careers in the field. According to Mr. Hodkiewicz, this is what the field needs, since it is in need of qualified techs. He hopes some of his students to pursue a future career in the field.

“I’m hoping that as they experience all the automotive classes that they are seeing the potential in this industry,” Mr. Hodkiewicz said.

Trinko, Cook and Berry could all see themselves using the skills they learn in the class in the future. This was also one of their reasons for taking the class.

“I really wanted to take a gander into the Automotive business,” Berry said.

Cook also added, “I wanted to learn more about cars.”

The class works in the Automotive shop, where they do lab work on the different vehicles, but also repair staffs’, parents’ and even students’ vehicles. Seventy percent of their grade is dependent on the hands on work done in the shop. The class has very little homework, according to Hodkiewicz, however, there are expectations for each student taking the class.

Come in, pay attention, work hard and try as hard as you can. Get your hands dirty, get out of your comfort zone and do things you have never tried before,” Hodkiewicz explained.

If students follow the expectations, they can expect a really good class.

“It is not really hard. It will be hard if you don’t pay attention and do not listen to what Mr. Hodkiewicz says. Otherwise, it is not really that hard, just fun to do,” Parker said.