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December Awareness

December is a month known for helping, giving and coming together. December is about doing what you can to help brighten the lives of others.

“I think December is more about giving than receiving,” sophomore Morghan Marquardt stated.

December is a month of giving but can also be a month of struggle for those who don’t have much to give or might not have anyone to give to.

“To me December is a time for family to come together,” sophomore Kenzee Stevenson answered.

December is a month that provides many opportunities to do good things for others and provide comfort along with well being for those who don’t have much of anything else.

“Some of our family traditions [are] going to my grandma’s on Christmas Eve and then all wearing pajamas,” sophomore Megan Hass stated.

“When I think of December I think of eating and giving gifts and seeing family,” Marquardt stated.

Some of the best things about December are the traditions that are made.

“Me and my mom made Christmas cookies, and I had a Christmas party with my friends,” Hass stated. “This year is the first year I have had a Christmas party. We will probably continue the tradition.”

There are some things people love and would never want to change, and there are other things people can’t wait to change.

“I think when I am older I want to keep some of the same traditions we have now,” Marquardt stated. “I like the way things go at my house.”

Make December a good one. Though things might not be perfect all the time, ‘It’s the best time of the year.’

December is a month of traditions and remembering. December has no specific “awareness” so be aware of being kind, including others, and making others lives a little bit better.