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FBLA prepares for regionals

It is just business as usual for 21 Shawano students competing in the Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA) regional competition. They will be competing in Nekoosa, Wisconsin, on February 2 of next year. Many have started their quest for victory by studying for their objective tests on various business subjects and preparing presentations that they will give in front of a panel of judges.

The amount of participants this year is almost double the amount that participated last year, with only 14 participating in the 2018 competition.

“We have 21 students participating this year, and we are going to be having some individual and some team events,” stated FBLA advisor Mrs. Katie Beres.

Shawano’s team will be competing for 11 different events this year.

It is currently Mrs. Beres’ third year as the advisor of FBLA, and having been a business major herself, she seemed like the best candidate for the position.

“I love it because I get to see students excited about business and their particular areas,” said Mrs. Beres.

Senior Steven Hoffman is the current President of FBLA, and is preparing with his team for his last regionals.

Hoffman explained how he is strengthening his team’s knowledge by stating, “We’re really studying up! We have enhancements to prepare, and I’m confident that we will be ready.”

FBLA is beneficial to students in more ways than one. Besides looking good on a college application, FBLA teaches good leadership skills, character development and networking.

“FBLA is really fun for me because I get to meet new people and try new things that I wouldn’t normally try,” said junior Katelyn Laatsch.

Students at FBLA State in 2018. Photo: Kathryn Beres

Competing is many students’ favorite part of being in the club, and while a few might be nervous to compete, these students are very confident in their abilities.

“I don’t really get nervous about competing.” Laatsch continued, “It is just something fun that I do with my friends, so I try not to stress out about it.”

Hoffman shared similar opinions, “We have lots of time to prepare, so we’re not nervous at all.”

FBLA also awards scholarships to students in and outside of the club who have an interest in pursuing business as a career.

“We have two scholarships. 150 dollars is the lower amount, and 200 dollars is the higher. That is directly from the school, and you have to be a senior and actively participating in the club,” stated Mrs. Beres.

When asked what FBLA means to him, Hoffman stated, “To me, FBLA means working together with friends to accomplish a goal.”

SCHS wishes everyone participating the best of luck and is excited to see what they accomplish.