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GSA shows love to community

This holiday season, GSA volunteered their time at SAM25, the homeless shelter in Shawano, to provide a wholesome meal to the less fortunate. On December 5, eight GSA members and their advisor prepared and served a spaghetti dinner.

The advisor of the club, Mrs. Jenny Pigeon, organized the volunteering at SAM25 and helped plan the meal.

“Every year the GSA club wants to do something over the holiday season to give back to the community. We’ve done other activities, like ringing bells, but we decided this year to do SAM25. We got together as a group, and we made them a spaghetti dinner with all the fixings,” Mrs. Pigeon said.

GSA is always looking for ways to give back and support their community. Volunteering at SAM25 was one of the ways they showed their support.

Mrs. Pigeon explained, “We just feel that helping anyone at any time anywhere is the right thing to do. All of us are so fortunate, just to get these different perspectives of what life is like outside of our personal communities and being able to broaden our understandings of how people live.”

Junior Haley Williams further explained why she wanted to help out the community and volunteer her time at SAM25.

“When you give back to the community, it kind of gives back to you. It’s always nice to just help out others because it makes a stronger community,” Williams said.

When they volunteered at SAM25, it was not only a chance to help out and bring everyone together, but it was also a chance to make strong connections and get to know the people in the community.

Mrs. Pigeon elaborated, “It was really neat. The people there loved us, and we loved them. We had a really good time. It was nice because the adults there were able to socialize with us and talk with us, and I just think it was entertaining. It was not just us serving food; it was entertaining for all of us who were there. It didn’t feel like we were forced to be there. We actually had a good time being there. It was really rewarding all around.”

GSA club members- Photo courtesy of Abigail Vomastic

The club wants to promote and bring awareness to their views of supporting everyone no matter who they are or what they believe.

Mrs. Pigeon said, “When we meet, it’s not only a time to bring awareness to LGBTQ rights within our community and within our society, but also it’s a time of student engagement to allow us to get together and feel comfortable in this environment to know that we are not being judged based on our beliefs or our sexual orientation. You do not have to be LGBTQ to be in our club. But it’s just nice to know a core group of us who are in support of these rights.”

GSA helps bring our school together as a whole, and it shows that we all can get along despite differing views.

“The overall goal of GSA is for straight people and people that are LGBTQ to come together and say ‘I support you, and I love you on your journey’,” Williams said.